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Advancing Your Yoga Sequence

You may have been including yoga within your wellness practice for years. You may feel like an absolute Yogi master and feel more than competent in your daily practice, having conquered the fundamentals of Yoga and the key poses. Now, you’re seeking that next level – so how can we continue to challenge and nourish our bodies with advanced yoga flow sequences? One thing to remember: Yoga is not a linear process.It’s a Practice. Yoga is a never-ending journey of self-discovery; we constantly learn new movements and poses that allow us to challenge our bodies and minds and teach ourselves just what we are capable of. Yoga can often bring us to a place of comfortable discomfort, both physically and mentally. We use it to disconnect from the stresses of our day or to aid us in our abilities to help cope with stressful or emotional situations with balance and calm. From a physical standpoint, yoga helps us improve our mobility, flexibility, and strength, making one powerful body for us

How to Move on to Advanced Yoga Flows

Advancing Your Yoga Sequence You may have been practicing yoga for a while now, and it’s become a wonderful part of your routine. You’ve mastered the basics and feel in a regular rhythm with your yoga workout plan. So, what’s next in your yoga journey? How do you take what you’ve learned and mastered and advance to the next level of Vinyasa flow or Hatha heaven? Let’s start with some intermediate movements – these are perfect daily poses to loosen your muscles and ease a busy mind every day. if you’re not yet incorporating these into your sequence, give them a try: 10 Intermediate Yoga Poses you could do every day 1. Side Plank (Vasisthasana) An effective arm and wrist strengthener, the Side Plank takes your standard plank to the next level, as a powerful arm balance. Shift onto the outside edge of your foot and stack your other foot on top. Bring your right hand onto your right hip, turn your torso out to the side, and suppo

How to Build a Yoga routine

How to Create Your Own Yoga Routine We’re all looking for ways to balance our busy lifestyles and do whatever we can to deal with everyday stresses, feel good and prevent illness. Yoga has been shown time and time again to help support emotional, mental, and physical health. It strengthens the body and clears the mind. Imagine a stillness. A moment in time when you’re blissfully isolated from the minor negativities in your life and immersed in a sea of calm that opens your heart, your mind, your soul - This is the very essence of yoga. Think of the practice of yoga as a reconnection to your soul and the inner stillness of your body. A moment of peace, truly for yourself. The various techniques of yoga cultivate the experience of a union of the body, breath, and mind, leading to greater integration of being, internal peacefulness and clarity of the mind. It is a practice that is designed to cultivate health and happiness, with a greater sense of empowerment, self-awareness, and hi

So, is Yoga Good for Weight Loss?

We all have our insecurities; the aspects of our bodies that we wish we could change. Often, it’s the stubborn belly fat that doesn’t seem to shift. Whilst it is normal for us all to have a layer of fat keeping us warm and protecting our organs, excess fat can be an indication of more dangerous elements such as higher visceral fat. Too much visceral fat can lead to health issues such as diabetes, or heart disease. But this is something we can change, and Yoga can be a powerful tool. Yoga is traditionally a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science, focusing on the harmony between the mind and body. It is both an art and a science within healthy living, but not often referred to specifically as a tool for weight loss. Yoga focuses on the overall wellbeing of our mind and body - but a wonderful byproduct of the positive energy your body absorbs via regular practice, means your bodyweight can also fall into harmonious alignment. What type of Yoga is best suited to Wei

As seen in Insider Magazine: How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Embracing Meditation can be life-changing. We tend to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, and whilst we may not always be aware of it, our bodies and mind often find ways of dealing with that pressure, and it manifests itself into stress, anxiety, and exhaustion amongst others. It’s key to find ways that we can manage the troubles that on our way in a healthy, clean manner that allows us to breathe and focus more on the things we enjoy and embrace the beautiful things in life. Mindfulness meditation is an incredibly effective way to do so, and thanks to Insider Magazine’s article featuring one of our known mental health expert, psychiatrist Dr. Phillip Romero , more people in the world know about it, but we want to delve even deeper and help get you started on your meditation journey. What does Mindfulness really Mean? Mindfulness is a term that’s used often but it can be tricky to understand what it really means. Being mindful is effectively being truly present. It’s