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Get Started with VIVAYA Therapeutic Yoga Classes

  Our Yoga Guides know from experience that yoga is a powerful means of helping people feel better and grow stronger; a type of healing therapy. Yoga, in general, is a wonderful therapeutic practice that supports so many health benefits. Isn't all Yoga Therapeutic? We've talked before about the physical and benefits of yoga  (see the benefits here)  and at VIVAYA, we love to deliver all kinds of yoga styles to the comfort of your own home, simply at the click of a button.  As with other types of therapy, yoga can have a deep relief from mental and physical stress. Its world of styles, poses, including breathing techniques, and meditation can have a profound impact on your wellbeing.                                               Think of it as beautiful, healing therapy. When it comes to a specific focus on an area of weakness or ailment, Therapeutic Yoga can then be used to address those specific health issues and support your individual healing journey. Overall Therapeutic Ben

Is Online Reiki Healing For Me?

  Everything you need to know about Reiki: Open your Soul to Reiki Healing Healing may be a process of overcoming, of working through, of acknowledging, of accepting, of releasing. It may address the physical, emotional, or spiritual. While the need for healing differs for everyone, one approach to help any healing journey along is that involving energy work. While Reiki speaks to a specific healing art form of healing energy, supporting, and facilitating healing by harnessing and working with the energy that naturally exists within and around us.   Founded in Japan in 1914, Reiki is guided energy that connects its way to the energy system in your body. Reiki assists in opening and clearing the energy system in your body to promote healing. It's a large part of our practice and a popular class within our online community.   Whether you have something acute or chronic that you are seeking help with, or you simply want to feel better - Reiki and other forms of energy healing h

Working from Home? Try these Yoga Poses

Working from Home? Try these Yoga Poses. We’re excited to welcome the thoughts and guidance of one of our Online Yoga Teachers, Lex in this article. Lex is a 500-RYT Yoga Alliance instructor, based in Ohio and provides an incredible series of Virtual Vinyasa Yoga classes , encouraging us all to manifest our authenticity and embrace the intuitive movement of our bodies and mind.   Even when we feel we can handle stressful situations and think that we thrive on pressure, sometimes our bodies find other ways of addressing the balance. You may find that you become prone to catching colds or headaches, or perhaps you find that you are never fully recovering from the tiredness of the day. These high-pressured environments or regular feelings of stress can have an impact on the immune system, which can have a deeper effect on us later on. Regular yoga practice can help to keep your body and mind in spiritual alignment, supporting your immune, emotional and digestive systems. If all of these a