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Our Gift of Gratitude to First Responders, Healthcare and Emergency Workers

Our Gift of Gratitude to First Responders, Healthcare and Emergency Workers In addition to our standard two-week free trial, VIVAYA is offering 2 MONTHS FREE access to unlimited Yoga and Wellness classes for first responders healthcare and emergency workers – our way of saying ‘Thank You”.   To qualify, you just need to provide proof of ID Validating your profession as a first responder, healthcare or emergency worker during the 14-day free trial period by email to first responders at Once validation is provided, your account will extend into two months of additional free access.   Register Immerse yourself in the most innovative live-streaming platform for yoga health, reiki healing mindful meditation and more . Our offerings are holistic and include a diverse range of activities from movement to nutrition.   VIVAYA has cultivated a supportive and connected community between students and teachers across the globe. You can connect daily for online live stre

Corporate Yoga Can Transform Your Workplace

  Introduce a powerful new practice to your workday “Bringing your whole self to work” has never had a more valued meaning. Our whole selves come with the stress, anxiety, and un certainty that shapes ou r daily life. With self-care being such a key component in our happiness and  42% of workers now identifying a work/life balance as the greatest source of stress in their lives,  research shows that a holistic approach to workplace mental health is crucial to supporting the whole self .   With ever-increasing work demands and rising workplace stress, employers are now understanding the importance of workplace health and wellness . A healthy workforce directly translates to increased productivity and decreased employee absenteeism. This is why it is imperative for employers and employees alike to explore ways to reduce stress in the workplace.    Thankfully, many companies around the world have already started implementing corporate wellness programs to promote awareness among thei