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How to Actually Reach Your Goals with Coaching Circles

How to Actually Reach Your Goals with Coaching Circles

Each one of us has different goals in life. Some are big, some are small; others are in-between. There are goals that make us tick and there are those that scare us. We all have that goal with which we let our lives revolve around. But along the way, there will be roadblocks. Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way you want them to. Have you ever felt like quitting or giving up because you feel like you’re not achieving any goals you’re setting or are you prepared to deal with the emotional and mental challenges that come from this journey?

I want you to know that accomplishing goals is not simple and easy - at least for big, life-changing goals, that is. It’s a big task that involves commitment and dedication. Usually, when we feel like we’re not heading into the direction of achieving our goals, we fall into despair and we think that it’s impossible to have that “ideal life.” But really, succeeding in any field involves defining, setting, and making goals happen, as well as having the right tools to help you with your journey.

Dig Deeper and Make your Purpose Crystal Clear

To define your goals, you need to dig deeper. As a coach, I always make it a point to understand why my clients want to do the things they want to do and I recommend doing a few journaling exercises to find clarity.

As you think about the goals, make sure that you define them based on what you genuinely want to happen - not what someone else wants, not even your parents, family, or your boss. It should be something YOU want to achieve. If you have a partner, you might listen to what he or she wants but at the end of the day, you still need to be true to yourself.

Setting Aligned Goals

After you understand your purpose and what you stand for, you can now choose goals that align with your mission.

But first, you need to understand what a goal is. A goal is a target; something you are aiming to achieve in a set period of time. It is the big picture and the end result. Are you aiming for a certain level in your career? With regard to your attitude, is your negative mindset holding you back and you want to do something about it?

Make sure that any goal you choose is a SMART goal as in:






You might ask “why the need to set goals?” Goal setting gives you the focus you need to achieve your mission. If you have your goals in place, you can organize your time by having daily, weekly or monthly tasks, which you can slowly do to get to your target.

Take consistent steps in the right direction

In setting goals, it helps if you break down your activities into smaller steps you can take each day so you’ll know you’re moving forward. And since those small steps lead to your bigger goals, you can be more focused, motivated, and directed, and therefore have the mental clarity to avoid distractions.

That’s where activities come in as they will become the steps you’ll take to get to where you want to go. While goals are generally consistent, activities are fluid and they change as time passes. Goals should not be mistaken as activities and vice versa. You might say that your goal is to hit the gym four times a week or you want to have that free time to go out with friends. But you have to always come back to your “why”. Why do you want to hit the gym four times a week or why do you feel the need to see your friends at the end of the week?

Making Goals Happen

For goals to feel and be real, it helps to write them down. Get a pen and paper and jot down your bigger goal and your plans on how to reach it. This makes it more tangible as it lets you see where you’re headed.

You can list the ultimate target and the activities and steps you need to take (daily, weekly, monthly) to reach it. What does it take to get to your destination? Set reminders and deadlines for each of your to-do list. You may need to keep reviewing and updating your list as you go on.

Another important tip is to learn how to let go, which means that you need to accept that your priorities and your experiences may change along the way. That said, don’t be afraid or don’t feel bad if there is a need to modify your lifetime plan. It is okay to take your focus away from a certain goal that you feel you’re not ready for at this time. Accept that goals are not perfect. Accept that change will happen and you need to adapt. A good way to do just that is to have a regular mindfulness practice, that can help you let go of unwanted feelings of anxiety around your goals.

Stay on Course with the Right Tools

Since you now have your goals set, you need to actually go and accomplish them. You could have the skills to get to where you want but acknowledge that you may also need a skill upgrade to complete your task. Take time to develop your existing skills or learn additional ones to reach your full potential.

Most of the time, though, people have it in them - they hold so much potential without realizing it. And what they need is just a little push, a little support, and a little nudge to get them going. And that’s where coaching comes in. If you feel lost and you doubt yourself, you might need a coach to help you out and keep you on track with your life plans.

Here is what coaching circles and group coaching can do for you in this process:

-Help you understand your purpose and gain clarity on what you are trying to achieve using mindfulness techniques

-Set goals and plan to achieve them using goal-setting methods

-Let go of anything that is holding you back and preventing you from reaching your goals

-Feel confident about yourself and create a life that is aligned with your true self.

-Understand the difference between a goal and an intention and know when to use each

My group coaching circles on Vivaya are exactly what you need if you are looking to gain clarity. Go to my profile to see when the next one is!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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