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What Inspired Me To Write Detoxelicious©, A Detox Food-fitness Book?

What Inspired Me To Write Detoxelicious©, A Detox Food-fitness Book? This is about self-love, all the way, and everyday!!! First, this  detox book  is about making plant-based detox foods…delicious. Everyone desires to have more flavor while feeling good about their detox food journey. No yucky food here! I not only wanted to reduce the likelihood of having to take new medications but wanted to detox from prior medications like antibiotics and steroids. I wanted to put into context the importance of clean beauty and skincare for ourselves and our children. It offers a detailed science and “mommy” perspective on the concept of beauty inside-out. I decided to write this detox food and fitness book because several detox clients, who happened to be doctors themselves, needed healthy savory recipes. They trusted me! I’m grateful for each of them for their encouragement as a process engineer, mom, writer, and friend. It’s a way of saying, “I’m their girl!” I kept getting questions about how

Where Was Yoga First Introduced in America?

Where Was Yoga First Introduced in America? California…nah…Think again! Read below for what city? Where was yoga introduced to the United States of America? To understand yoga is to look back to its origin. Spawned in India some 5,000 years ago, yoga is a practice of the mind, body, and spirit intertwined with Hindu culture and religion.  The yoga that is recognized today is Hatha or Vinyasa traditional yoga. By 300-500 BC, Patanjali, an Indian sage introduced three components to yoga, 1) create structure by adding the 8-Limbs of yoga, 2) link body postures or asanas to breath, and 3) promote the practice of yoga as non-religious. In the physical aspect of yoga are included the 3rd and 4th limbs asana, postures, and breathing, pranayama, of the 8-Limb system of ashtanga yoga as described by Patanjali. These two steps are but a small aspect of the whole practice but make up for a beautifully designed system that aims to keep the physical body in shape, with the breath becoming the bridg